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Social Communication Clinic offers a starting point for many kinds of interventions in social learning. Listed below are some examples of the kinds of services and treatment we focus on:

  • Individual or Group Classes     (click here)

    Based on the needs of our clients we teach either one-to-one or group classes, tailoring lessons to individual goals and customized plans for success.  We give clients the skills to interact with others in ways that value the importance of relationships. These skills include how to be part of a group, build and maintain friendships, and take the perspective of others.  We also target self-regulation and executive function skills.  Abstract social concepts become accessible and fun by means of visual supports, hands-on activities, field trips,  role plays, video modeling, iPads, and other best-practice instructional methods.

  • Parent Consultation    (click here)

    We provide consultation for parents and students, helping them determine the best match for addressing social skills at both SCC and within the school setting.  We align all of our strategies with parent input and feedback. Many times a consultation will help funnel treatment or services into a more defined plan. For example, it may become evident that a student requires job training, or on-site support at school, or repeated practice of a skill during community outings.

  • Transition Services    (click here)

    SCC understands that people need continued support across the life span. We offer transition services to help support youth as they make the jump from high school to the workplace and college.

Are you looking for other SCC-affiliated services? We host a variety of holistic family services from within our building and our team would love to get to know you more:


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