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Apps That Change Everything!

For any of us who have experienced the power and flexibility of an iPad, we know that they are changing lives and giving people the ability to stay organized, learn in new ways, and communicate to enhance language. These are just a few of the best apps that our Digital Learning Specialist, Jake Dorr , recommends:


Organization Skills

Multimedia Learning

Art & Story Telling


An augmentative communication app which aids the user in self-expression and eventually, conversation prompts. Any text can be put into the editor, then spoken electronically with the tap of a button. Upgrades to the app allow customizing core words and frequently-used pieces of conversation.

Dragon Dictation

Just tap and dictate. A well-engineered voice recognition app that will turn your speech into text. From there it is easy to edit, copy it, paste into another application, or even email it to a teacher or coworker. At first look it is a very simplistic app - but because of this, extremeley effective.

Coach's Eye

Originally created for athletic instructors, this app is actually an amazing tool for analyzing any filmed behavior. A student, family member or coworker can see--and believe--how their behavior and reactions are affecting others in the real world. With Coach's Eye you can film, watch, re-watch in slow motion, and make choices based on how you are doing. Great for social skills development.


Your iPad's built-in Reminders app can be great for organizing tasks and deadlines. Depending on how you enter reminders it can alert you at a specific time, when you arrive or depart a specific place, or a combination of both. It's also incredibly easy to use. Turn your iPad into a personal assistant!

The Elements

Transforms the iPad into a rich, interactive experience while learning all about the Periodic Table of the Elements. Rotate each element in 3D while discovering everything from helium neon lasers to antique apothecary sulphur. Another amazing thing about this app is how accurate, relevant and up-to-date all the data tables are because it's constantly linking to scientific libraries on the web.

Puppet Pals HD

This app brings story telling to a whole new level. Not only can you customize little characters and a backdrop which makes up your "stage," you can also use the iPad's camera to snap a photo of your friends, trace around them to cut them out like a paper doll, and they become characters in the story too! Fantastic for social lessons and role play...

Drawing with Carl

Drawing with Carl is an interactive drawing and painting tool with multiple textures, many kinds of brush tips and even stickers that become animated and respond to the user when dropped into the canvas. This is wonderful for creating parts of an assignment and then emailing or printing them out.